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Disclaimers & FAQ

A retainer is required to secure your event in our calendar and it is non-refundable.

By submitting the retainer you agree to the following terms and conditions.

If the retainer is not paid your event is not scheduled in our calendar.

Order balances are due 24 hours prior to the agreed time of installation

PoshPop is not responsible for balloons that pop AFTER delivery.

PoshPop uses tools that are safe for walls when removed properly. We are not responsible for damages


We Reserve the right:

Due to the unexpected circumstances that can occur with any event, we reserve the right to make changes only in the best interest of our clients. If the facility is not available or set up at the promised time is not feasible, decor may be left in the nearest acceptable location. Any additional time required (if available) to complete the job will be billed to the client.


Outdoor installs

Outdoor installations may require an extra fee depending on complexity. Although we do everything in our power to ensure the decor will hold up, we NEVER guarantee perfect outdoor installs. We use the best quality materials but are not responsible for how the weather may affect the installation.

Installations may be moved to another date (upon availability) due to inclement weather.

Our priority is your satisfaction, your safety and ours. We reserve the right to postpone events due to weather.


A variety of techniques are used to secure garlands in outdoor installs, paint chipping may occur and glue residue may be left behind after removal. Our team will strive to avoid any damages but if any occur, PoshPop Balloons is not responsible.


what happens to the balloons after my event?

The client is responsible for discarding/taking down balloons after their event. PoshPop Balloons can return for take down if necessary (fees apply). If you have questions about the best way to take your balloons down shoot us an email or DM!


that  texas  heat!

Houston's heat index can reach high averages. Please keep in mind that balloons WILL pop under direct heat and prolonged sun exposure.

We recommend planning your balloon installs under shaded areas if possible.

Balloons last for weeks when kept indoors, their life span shortens significantly outdoors.

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